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Natalie's Journey





Natalie is a well-respected Spiritual Guide & Healing Coach, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher (200 hour RYT), Access Bars Consciousness Practitioner, Speaker, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, & has been in real estate for nearly 25 years. 


She has dedicated the past 20+ years of her life to learning & studying Universal Laws, different branches of metaphysics, countless healing modalities, brain science, & anything to increase her awareness & open to greater consciousness. She has studied many different spiritual paths to enlightenment & honors everyone's beliefs by shattering the illusion of "separation." 


She has helped countless "seekers" - students, clients, family, & friends awaken to the truth of who they really are - whether it be from her powerful 1:1 sessions, men's & women's healing circles, yoga & meditation classes, etc. She loves helping people transcend to their full potential by making them realize how "malleable" reality is & just how powerful they are as an Infinite Being. She is a previous student & teacher of "A Course in Miracles," facilitating a weekly study group at  her home for years & serving on the St. Louis ACIM Council for over 2 years. She has personally worked with dozens of well-known guides, healers, mentors, & coaches from all over the world for many years - which have contributed to making her a well-rounded & dynamic teacher & coach herself. 


She is a pillar of strength to those who come to her for help & has expertise in the following subjects: 

Deep Inner Child Work

Numerous Dark Nights of the Soul

Meditation & Breathwork Teacher

Shadow Work

Sacred Sexual Healing

Codependency Recovery

Body Cleanses & Detoxes

Kundalini Awakening 

Twin Flame Journey / Trauma Bond Relationships /Karmic Partners / Soul Ties / Soul Contracts

Addictions & how to clear them at their root cause

Certified Yoga Instructor, 200 Hour-RYT 

Law of Attraction / Laws of the Universe

Energy Healing Work 

Deep Emotional Healing 

Tools to Self-Regulate Emotions 

Healing the Money Wound

Tools to Increase Self-Love/Self-Worth/Self-Confidence/Self-Acceptance 

Natalie has a profound story of overcoming many odds from her painful childhood & is a trauma survivor. She is what is commonly referred to as a "wounded healer," sharing her many gifts & wisdom that arose from her painful experiences to help others. She is a deep listener, empathetic, compassionate, accepting, open-minded, & resourceful to those who come to her for help. By creating her healing & coaching business in 2015, she is able to give & serve on a higher level & plans to tell her wildly colorful, juicy story in an autobiography someday. 

Natalie Whitehead

 Founder &  Teacher

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