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Natalie is wildly passionate about teaching & sharing the many tools that have helped her heal/transform/purify/recalibrate every facet of her life. She is living proof that they work because she had to go through many painful lessons & experiences that cracked her open, humbled her ego mind & softened & opened her heart. After going through a million ego deaths, paying much karmic debt & fulfilling some difficult soul contracts & deep forgiveness work these past 4-5 years, she was told by Spirit that the time has now come to be a full-time healer and coach. She uses a combination of her favorite tools to help others awaken to THEIR truth & THEIR power - emotional/spiritual healing, yoga, meditation, breathwork, dance, inner child/self-love work, numerous health/wellness practices & cleanses, & her favorite of all - music! 

Natalie Whitehead

 Founder &  Teacher

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